How to run a photo contest

a picture can paint a thousand words. Indeed, photography is one of the best ways to realize that idea and it takes a good eye to get a snapshot of a single image that worth a thousand tales. Not everyone is gifted with the eye and talent of a good photographer and one of the best ways to recognize talent is to organize a photo contest to know how can be a good candidate to become an award-winner photographer. There are a lot of benefits that you can get out of organizing a photo contest. It can provide you with a pool of talents that you may need for marketing and advertising, especially in the fields of graphic and visual imaging. They can also be commissioned for other cultural projects like photo duration, special events coverage and a whole lot more.

How to run a photo contest

When you organize a photo contest it needs to run like a well-oiled machine. What it means is that you have all bases covered, from manpower, preparation, logistics, prizes and awards, judges, media exposure and a whole lot more. The entire process may be daunting, but mind you, the rewards are going to be priceless and fulfilling. The first thing you need to do is develop your theme. Why are you going to organize your photo contest? What do you hope to achieve? After you have developed your theme and identified your goals, consider these three things to ensure that everything is covered.

Market your product

Establishing strategic partnerships is very important to make this contest a success. Make appointments with those who may be involved in the business or photography like a camera retailer, a photo organization, and business enterprise, and more. Sell your ideas and ask them to participate by either investing in prizes or other means to finance the project. For the contest, it would be necessary to create the mechanics and criteria for judging. This is meant to level the playing field among contestants and will avoid disputes or other concerns arising from the contest. Identify the members of your panel of judges, this way, you can send out invitations ahead and they can close out their schedules for the day of the event. Meet with them to discuss the criteria and mechanics of the contest so they too can be prepared.

Make public announcements

Develop linkages with your local newspaper or broadcast station. Involve them in making announcements about the photo contest. In exchange, you may offer them advertising space at the contest venue of live coverage of the contest event. You may also print posters and have it placed in public places and areas people frequently visit or pass by. Print out small flyers and ask for help distributing it around your community so that you create awareness about the photo contest that you are organizing.

Delegate and supervise

Make sure that you prepare a work plan from start to finish. You cannot do this alone so enlist the help of other people. Have a checklist of all the things you need to do and what you have accomplished. With all these things properly organized, you are on your way to having your successful photo contest.