Three ways to win radio contests

There are still a lot of people who get the thrill out of joining radio contests and while some may not always be lucky at winning, there are those who have mastered the craft and always end up winning. Of course, it may be a humungous idea to compete with hundreds or even thousands of other radio listeners waiting for that magic moment when the DJ announces to start burning your phone lines so they could attend to the next caller.

Why are radio contests still popular?

you may not be aware of it, but the radio is one of the most ever-present devices in humankind that is portable and is found everywhere. You can listen to it in your cars, when out camping, inside an elevator, riding a bus- radio is practically everywhere. You even have it installed on your smartphone. This is what makes the radio a very influential media tool. So what about radio contests? Well, radio contests appeal to people because it happens to be a game of chance. People are always attracted to the idea of winning a prize. Radio stations have taken advantage of that human behavior to attract more listeners to their stations. Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning a radio contest'

Take time to listen to the radio and have a phone ready

you need to spend time listening to the radio and gather trivia or snippets of information that you fell are helpful. One of the key factors they are running a contest is to promote a product or something that they need their audience to be exposed to. Those ideas more often than note revolve around the questions that they have for their contests. So make sure to have it handy. It could be an upcoming movie, a breakfast product, a new shopping center, etc. Be in the know about common sponsors and advertisers as the topics often revolve around things that relate to their business or services. Make sure to also have a phone on standby at any given moment so you can call right away.

Remember the numbers

Phone numbers are important for call-in listeners and it usually needs fast fingers to dial the numbers to the radio station once the DJ makes the go signal to call. Use technology to your advantage. Input the station's contact numbers as your speed dial options on your phone. This makes for faster dialing and you get to increase your chances of getting through while others are still fumbling for their phones. Listen to the voice cues of the DJ. If you are an avid listener, you may be able to catch some verbal cues or off-cuff behaviors that DJ's often get to unconsciously manifest over the airwaves- it could be a brief moment of silence, a sound that often indicates muting the microphone, etc.

Follow the rules carefully

This is a mistake listener make that disqualifies them from a single chance round. Make sure to carefully follow the rules of the contest. Oftentimes callers only get one chance at the game, then they turn to another caller once a caller gets disqualified or gave the wrong answer.